Timber Tilt & Turn

Versatile Tilt & Turn windows have a dual hinge system, allowing the casement to open into the room from side or top – ideal in a modern scheme, where easy egress or easy cleaning are priorities, and in modern buildings and apartments.

Tilt & Turn Windows are a German creation and now one of the most popular type of window as they are practical for cleaning and ventilation.  They work on a dual hinge system, allowing the window to open in to the room from the side or the top using a bottom-hinged system. The tilt & turn windows have been developed to meet quality standards and to maximise performance.

We can offer a wide range of designs and you can choose from different configurations, fittings, glazing units and various profiles.  The tilt & turn window can be of a traditional style to suit period homes or can be of a more contemporary style to suit the more modern property. The opening of the window can also be made large enough to act as a fire escape.

The tilt & turn windows are fitted with high security multi-point locking systems and key locking handles.  They also have a built in ventilation system which protects against water coming in and the window itself is very weather resilient.  You will also benefit from the tilt & turn windows thermal performance as standard with the A rated option and you will be provided with all warranties.


Timber tilt/turn window

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