Timber Flush Casement

Closing into the frame and giving a flush finish across the face of the window, this simple yet elegant design can be found in most medieval buildings, cottages and houses of all periods. We are able to conform to the highest standards for listed properties and period houses in a conservation area. These windows can maintain the unique style of your property while preserving the character of your home.

Flush casement windows are designed to add charm and character to any home. They are made to order so that they match the design of your existing windows. Flush casement windows are the perfect combination of simplicity, sophistication with up-to-date technology to match your requirements.

Flush Casement Windows are characterised by openers that close into the frame and finish flush with the face of the window.  Some details, like our decorative butt hinges, are merely to reinforce the illusion of simplicity.  Our challenge has been to make flush casement windows which look simple but are actually quite sophisticated. Hidden away is modern technology: warp resistant timber, locks which engage in multiple points around the perimeter of every opener, ventilation grooves, drainage channels and glazing units which lose approximately half the heat of ordinary double glazing.

Traditional flush casement windows have great aesthetic merit and it is a testament to the longevity of timber that so many have survived much longer than their modern counterparts in metal and plastic. 

Flush casement window

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