Aluminium French Doors

Aluminium French Doors are perfect solution if you’re looking for a versatile door system

Sometimes referred to as aluminium Double Doors, the aluminium French Doors combine the finest aspects of door style, with all the benefits of a functioning barrier, using the highest-quality aluminium.

Having aluminium French doors installed into your home will give both a contemporary and modern feel, as our expertly designed French door systems are tailor made to your precise requirements.That’s why we’re sure you’ll appreciate the way the French doors offer the best of both worlds; with modern durability, security and thermal efficiency, as well as traditional looks.

French doors have the ability to offer easy access to your garden, or a divider between home and conservatory. This is all without the need to have a large area for the doors to fully open. Made up of two saloon like doors, this type of entrance provides a vast opening space, and allows a greater volume of light into the room.

We guarantee minimal up-keep, because they are all manufactured with thermally broken frames, finished powder coated colour, allowing for colour that will last for almost an entire lifetime. Requiring an occasional wipe with a damp cloth to rid the daily grime, it is no surprise that aluminium French doors are one of the most sought after products amongst our aluminium range. They are available in a range of dual colours as standard, or choose from the vast range of RAL colours to suit your requirement.