Timber Lipped Casement

With a casement that slightly overlaps the face of the frame when closed, this design may offer additional protection against the elements in areas of extreme exposure and are the most widely used window design in England.

Although visually different, our lipped casement system shares the same advanced technology as our flush casement window - technology that brings the benefits of security, warmth, warp resistance, weathering and glazing performance.  Combined with double glazing and engineered timber, you can be sure of energy efficiency and low maintenance.  We do not compromise on style against efficiency and with today's energy costs, installing lipped casement windows in your home can prove a long term cost effective saving.

Their place in British Fenestration can be traced back to the 1950's when modern production systems demanded a window with greater tolerances that could be manufactured economically in volume.  This type of window suits many styles of property from modern apartments to country cottages. Many modern timber window systems are modelled on the lipped design and such windows have become a familiar feature in British homes.

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