Conservation & Listed Windows

If you live in a conservation area and need planning permission to change your windows, we now offer a wider selection of replacement timber windows to meet most requirements. We also offer a wider selection of timber window products for listed properties.

Knowing and understanding these rules should always be your first step. The authorities assess on a case by case basis, considering the significance and circumstances of the changes that you wish to make. So, for this reason it is always best to make an initial approach to your local planning authority. Often, this can be off-putting for homeowners, but we’re here to help. We can provide sectional drawings of our bespoke products that are specifically designed for listed properties and those in conservation areas, to assist your application. 

Our aim is to provide timber windows and doors that not only satisfy these rules but also enhance your home – improving insulation, sound proofing and day-to-day operation – whilst maintaining an authentic appearance for many, many years to come.





Of crucial importance to the acceptability of newly crafted windows and doors in historic settings, is the specification of glazing. Referencing existing buildings and local style of fenestration is the key to closely replicating window and door design. Through bars and putty glazing are bespoke elements that set our Listed range apart.

The range carries a number of glazing options to suit everyone’s requirements from a conservation and a lifestyle stand point in terms of specification, giving the required aesthetics while regulating heat effectively and vastly improving sound insulation.

The 4mm single glazed pane and the ultra slim double glazed 14mm unit filled with krypton gas are hand finished with a traditional style putty and are available with a 22mm wide glazing bar, all features designed for the most stringent planning areas.

Our high performance 24mm or 18mm double glazed units, filled with argon gas and krypton gas respectively have the option of either an 18mm or 27mm wide glazing bar, ideal where regulatory restrictions are less rigorous.



Choosing the most appropriate windows and doors is one of the most important decisions you will make for your home. This is never more poignant than when dealing with properties of conservation and listed status.

Windows and doors are among the most obvious components contributing to a building’s style and appearance, so ensuring that these are correct, both from the perspective of aesthetics and regulatory compliance, is vital.

Timber Windows Listed marries preservation of style with exacting methods of construction to produce levels of comfort and convenience that our forebears would envy. The use of engineered timber eliminates twisting, warping and draughts, whilst modern glazing, even in single glazed units, is both warmer and quieter than original glass.

With traditional hand processes and rigorous quality checking, every window and door passes through the hands of experienced, time-served craftsmen. Comprehensive guarantees on every window and door provide lasting peace of mind.


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