Company History

Timber Windows of Winchester & Horndean is a small family business with over 30 year's experience.  The company started off in 1985 in a small unit based on a farm fabricating aluminium windows as these were the most common material used at this time.

Over the next few years, the use of PVC-u windows hit the industry and became very popular.  With this change in the industry, a decision was to be made.....whether to be a fabricator or an installer.  And of which product?  Here it was decided that the company would be an installer of uPVC and some aluminium, as PVC-u was the more popular material.

In 2005, the company was proving successful and went for a full rebrand and renamed itself as 'Tudor Windows'.  PVC-u was the main material still supplied, however by now the industry had developed further and timber was also becoming very popular in the home for windows and doors.  With much thought, Tudor Windows decided to become a registered installer for a timber company and began specialising in timber windows and doors.  It was here that we noticed that there was a real market for timber and as time goes on, there is more and more choice.

Now a registered installer for timber and a decision to specialise in this material, it made sense to adjust the company name to 'Timber Windows of Horndean'.  However, the company still stays with its roots and supplies aluminium and PVC-u which are still quite popular, especially with the ever increasing technology as both materials offer a wide variety of products.

With a keen interest in the developing industry of windows and doors, a timber alternative product soon hit the market and in 2011 became an interest to us.  Evolution Storm windows have become the next generation of windows and are also proving very popular due to the products looking like wood yet cost less.  So now Timber Windows of Winchester & Horndean decided to also supply this timber alternative product.

Then as of May 2017 we opened our second showroom on the High Street in Winchester which has already proved to be very successful with the local residents and surrounding areas.

And this is where the company is at today! Due to the quality of the products offered, we find customers continually come back to us and from word-of-mouth business is on the up more and more each year.