UPVC Sash Window Colour & Hardware Options

Colour options:

With our iconic UPVC sash windows you can choose a colour that suits your property perfectly and that gives it that first impression you’ve always dreamt of. As standard our sash windows come in a smooth white finish, although because every home is different we offer a large range of different colours in both a smooth and woodgrain finish. 

  • Woodgrain Colours: Our sliding sash windows are available in 15 standard woodgrain colourways. By choosing a woodgrain foiled finish you can bring your windows to life with a glossy, realistic timber effect. You also have the option to add a true personalised touch to your new windows by picking a bespoke colour of your choice!
  • Bespoke Colour-bonding: If you’re looking to add a true personalised touch to your new windows, we offer a bespoke colour bonding service in which you can choose between more than 1000 colours in either a smooth or woodgrain finish. Some of our most popular RAL colours are shown below. Please note that lighter/darker shades are available and we’re always happy to help you find the perfect colour to suit your home. 


Hardware options:

  • Travel Restrictors: The travel restrictors limit the opening of the top and bottom sashes to approximately 100mm. They are primarily used as a safety feature in locations where opening restrictions are needed. The magnetic mechanism can be overridden from inside your home allowing for a larger opening.

  • Sash Pull: All our UPVC Sliding Sash Windows come with one or two sash pulls as standard depending on window size. The sash pulls are usually fitted on the inside of the bottom sash to allow easy opening.
  • D Handle: Designed to be fitted to the underside of the top sash on the outside of the window to assist with the opening and closing of the window. Alternatively, you can request the D handle to be fitted to the inside top sash.
  • Pole Eye: Primarily designed to be fitted to the top rail of the top sash. The pole eye enables use of a pole with hook (not supplied) to operate any windows that are positioned too high to operate by hand.
  • Locking System: Our locking system holds the sash window shut by fastening the mid-rails together. The locking system is available in two styles, a standard lock or a heritage lock.
  • Sash Knob: Used to open and tilt the sashes for easy cleaning of the outside frame and glass from inside your home, the sash knob is available in the standard style or the heritage style. 
  • Hardware Colours: Our hardware is available in eight different finishes: White, black, chrome, gold, satin chrome, graphite, bronze and antique black. Please note that our travel restrictors are only available in white, chrome, gold and satin chrome.

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