UPVC Sash Windows

Your property is so much more than just a house, it’s your home and normally your largest single asset. So when you want to capture the look of a traditional vertical sliding sash window, our UPVC windows are a great cheaper alternative to our timber windows.

Our UPVC sash windows are among the highest quality and most durable fenestration products available. Our UPVC profiles are multi chambered having a significant impact on its strength and efficiency. With no risk of warping or rusting, there’s no reason not to seriously consider UPVC for replacement windows.

Our UPVC Sash Windows are available in 9 standard colours from smooth white to 8 woodgrain options. The woodgrain colours can be foiled on both sides or one side with a smooth white interior. If our standard colours don’t quite match your vision, we’re able to offer more than 200 RAL colours.

Modern windows no longer require Sash Horns, but they can be optionally specified to give the visual appearance of traditional timber box sash windows. We’re also able to offer a deep bottom rail option for replicating existing windows. A true heritage UPVC design is now available with the added benefit of improved visual aesthetic appeal.

Our UPVC sliding sash windows come with an easy clean tilt facility as standard (excludes woodgrain external and smooth white internal windows), which allows both top and bottom sash to tilt inwards.

The glass specification is the most significant component when affecting the windows overall thermal efficiency. Each sliding sash window is supplied as standard with 24mm double glazed units. 

The hardware colours available are as followed: White, Chrome, Black, Satin Chrome, Antique Black, Bronze, Gold and Graphite.

Our iconic sliding sash windows are manufactured using UPVC profiles designed to truly emulate traditional heritage frames. From a terraced house to a stately home, our vertical sliding sash windows ensure that your property retains its character and charm. You can choose from a wide range of styles, features and hardware options to complement your home.

  • Slide & Tilt Facility: Both the top and bottom sash can slide up and down. An easy clean tilt facility is available for added convenience. Certain specifications do not allow for these features.

  • Run-Through Horns: Our run-through horns are mechanically jointed and form a continuous part of the top sash giving the window an authentic look. Sash horns are optional.
  • Mechanical Joints: Upgrade to mechanical joints to take authenticity to the next level. The 45 degree UPVC welds on the frame and sash are replaced with 90 degree joints as found on traditional windows. Woodgrain only.
  • Seamless Corner Welds: Choose this revolutionary process to disguise the 45-degree corner welds on the outer frame and sashes to give it a far superior aesthetic finish. Woodgrain only.
  • Colour-Matching Wool pile: Wool pile strips provide an excellent seal against rain and wind. As something new we’ve developed colour-matching wool pile to ensure that every single window is perfectly finished.
  • Deep Bottom Rail: A deep bottom rail is the perfect addition if you want your sliding sash windows to look as close to the original timber version as possible. Optional feature. The larger bottom rail sash convincingly mimics the timber sash windows of old. The deep bottom rail is available with welded or mechanical joints. 
  • Trickle Vents: Although, a well-insulated home is important, a well-ventilated home is equally as important. Trickle vents provide background ventilation and are generally mandatory under Building Regulations. An internal flap enables the vent to be opened and closed as required.
  • Astragal Bars: Astragal bars are fixed onto the surface of the glass and are accompanied by back-to-back spacer bars inside the double-glazed unit. 
  • Quick Release Tilt Arms: Quick release tilt arms now come as standard and allow you to remove the top and bottom sashes faster and without the need to remove any screws. 
  • Weather bar: The ovolo shaped weather bar is the latest of our optional design features, developed to keep out wind and rain, and to create an authentic sash window appearance.


  • Performance:
  • Best U-Value (Double Glazing): 1.4 W/m²K
  • Best Energy Rating: A
  • Air Tightness (Pa): Class 3
  • Water Tightness (Pa): Class 5A
  • Wind Load (Pa): Class 3A
  • PAS 24 Security Upgrade: Yes

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