Secondary Glazing

Quite simply, homeowners choose secondary glazed windows because they’re quiet, warm and secure. These three features are the bedrock of our unique secondary glazing system and are the reason why so many homeowners are adopting secondary glazing.

Noise Reduction:

From a sound insulation perspective, secondary glazing offers the most effective levels of noise reduction on today’s market, significantly outperforming all other glass solutions. Our bespoke secondary glazing is manufactured using state-of-the-art machinery to lock-in a tightly sealed frame which reduces noise levels by up to a whopping 80%.


Thermal Insulation:

If draughty windows are of bigger concern for your property, secondary glazing adds an extra layer of defence to guard your home against heat loss. The small gap between your existing window and the secondary unit effectively acts as an insulator, creating a separate layer of air between the two which can reduce heat loss by up to 65%.


Enhanced Security:

If security is your priority, secondary glazing offers a unique, additional deterrent to any would-be intruders. Unlike traditional windows, secondary glazing is incredibly difficult to open from the outside and creates a further layer of defence against forced entry. Our frames are made from only the most durable, high quality aluminium and are securely fixed to resist forcing.


Seamless Aesthetics:

The sleek, modern design of our secondary glazing systems ensures that you’re able to enjoy all the acoustic, thermal and security benefits, without having to compromise on style.



10 Year warranty for all frames and glazing. British factory made and engineered to last.



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