Lift Out Unit

Similar to our fixed units in concept and design, but with the ability to easily remove the frames to allow for increased airflow and improved access for cleaning. Best paired with: Windows that require only occasional access.

An ideal solution for existing windows that require only occasional access, our lift out units provide an effective deterrent against heat loss and external noise. Fixed to either the face or the reveal of the existing window, our range of lift out units are made using a lightweight aluminium profile, which offers the flexibility to be easily removed if required.

Effectively the most ‘removable’ product in our entire range, lift out units provide a unique alternative to more traditional secondary glazing configurations.

Slimline Lift Out:

As standard, our lift out units come in slimline variation, which boasts an ultra-thin aluminium frame for even smaller sightlines. The sleeker panels don’t mean there’s any compromise on performance though, as our slimline lift out units offer incredible thermal and acoustic efficiency.

Other Key Features:

• Available in Slimline.

• Integrated lock for superior aesthetics.

• Range of handle profile options.

• Up to 10.8mm glazing available.

• Trickle ventilation available.

• Locking catches available.

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