Mr. & Mrs. Burke

Revitalizing a 16th-century mansion: This restoration journey includes refurbishing 49 windows and doors, preserving its historic charm.

Date: 3rd November 2014
Categories: Timber, Windows, Doors, Sash Windows, French doors, Horndean, Winchester, Flush Casement


"We’re really pleased with them, particularly in the kitchen where they’ve let a lot more light in. We’re very lucky to live here in this amazing setting. "

Mr. Burke

Nestled deep in the Hampshire countryside is this spectacular mansion steeped in history.  With origins dating back to the 16th century, the wooden structure of the house is said to have been constructed using beams of a battleship, donated by King William III following defeat of the Spanish Armada.

Having moved in two years ago, the house is now owned by Mr. & Mrs. Burke who have undertaken a major refurbishment project to return it to its former glory following years of neglect.

“The old windows were beyond repair and didn’t open; it’s good to be able to open the windows now” Mr. Burke says.

In total, 49 windows and doors have been fitted including flush casements, a circular window, French doors and an entrance door, all finished in Off White.  The magnificent arched solid wood door remains in its rightful place.

Regarding the installation, Mr. Burke comments, “the fitting team were great, we didn’t even need to redecorate, nor did we have to do any touching up”.  Overall, the reaction has been extremely positive. 

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