Roof Lanterns

Welcome more light and style into your home with roof lanterns from Korniche.

A Korniche roof lantern doesn’t just change the way your living space looks. By bathing your room in natural daylight, it transforms how it functions. How it feels. Just as every homeowner has a different vision, Korniche has a bespoke design to help you deliver it.


Engineered for a grander view; Enjoy the most expansive views possible with industry-leading maximum sizes for your roof lantern, spanning up to 24m2. Meticulously engineered to be the strongest and stiffest on the market, it supports more glass without the need for additional rafters. Thanks to its sturdy die-cast aluminium components and patented method of fixing the spas together, the Korniche roof lantern can span up to 3 meters by 2.5 meters for a single piece of glass per side, or up to a maximum roof space of 6 meters by 4 meters with intermediate rafters.

Bask in daylight and design; A modern take on the classic Victorian-era lantern roofs, the Korniche roof lantern comes in bespoke designs and a range of colours to transform your living space with light. Reminiscent of traditional timber structures, its award-winning aluminium rafters and spars provide some of the narrowest internal sightlines available, with no visible fixings and seamless joints throughout. Externally, aluminium die-cast components are covered with contemporary sculpted top and end caps creating a continuous aesthetic whilst delivering secure and all weather protection.

Keep your heat, protect your home; The Korniche roof lantern comes with self-cleaning glass in a range of shades giving overall U values as low as 1.2, so you can enjoy, diffuse or direct natural light while keeping the heat in your home. The dedicated roof glazing used also reduces the amount of heat that enters your living space, helping to maintain the perfect temperature and level of light. The roof lantern is fully thermally broken. This means the outside aluminium elements are connected to the internal ones through thermal breaks. These include polymer T bars between the internal and external parts of the spars and polyamide thermal breaks in the eaves beams. This vastly reduces heat transfer and ensures any cold bridging is virtually eliminated. Industry-leading Q-Lon seals combine and complement the thermally broken design to protect your home from the elements. An innovative glass lock stops the glass slipping under its own weight delivering integral strength and ensures a lifetime of low maintenance.

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