SUNFLEX Aluminium Bi-fold Door Colour & Hardware Options

Colour options:

All of the SUNFLEX aluminium doors and windows are manufactured to the highest standards of performance and finishes with unrivalled attention to detail, including a premium powder coat finish which is cured on to the frames of the doors and more scratch-resistant and hardwearing than traditional liquid paint coatings.

For the perfect finish SUNFLEX have chosen a selection of the most popular colours for each system to hold in stock. In addition to SUNFLEX UK's standard colours you can personalise your doors with a choice of more than 200 bespoke RAL colours.


Threshold options:

The SUNFLEX bifold doors are available with a choice of two threshold options (as pictured above).

The SUNFLEX single rebated low threshold is ideal for creating a level transition between your home and patio or decking, featuring a 14mm upstand that is classed as an accessible threshold and meets the requirements of Building Regulations M.

The SUNFLEX double rebated weathered threshold features a 35mm upstand against the frames of the doors seal, providing the most comprehensive weather performance. Available with or without a sill.



  • Frame depths: 75mm
  • U-Value Triple Glazed: From 0.8 W/m²K† with centre pane of 0.5W/m²K
  • U-Value Double Glazed:  From 1.3 W/m²K† with centre pane of 1.0W/m²K
  • Maximum panel width:  1200mm
  • Maximum panel height: 3000mm
  • Sightlines: 117mm
  • Secured by Design™: Yes
  • Water tightness: To 900Pa (Class 9a)*
  • Air permeability: To 600Pa (Class 4)*
  • Unique Locking panel catch: Yes
  • Track options: 2 options - low-threshold or weathered track
  • Double rebated frames: Yes

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