SUNFLEX UK Slimline Sliding Patio Doors Hardware & Colour Options

View all the range of hardware and colour options available to you

Colour Options:

SUNFLEX UK hold three of our most popular colours in stock to provide the quickest lead-times and most cost-effective option. If you want to truly personalise your sliding doors, you can choose from more than 200 RAL colours in a range of finishes, and even select different colours on the inside and outside of the frames to match the internal décor and external finishes of your home. Please find listed above some of the colour options.


A choice of sightlines: Opt for the brand new SVG20 with incredibly slim 20mm sightlines, SUNFLEX UK's exclusive SVG30 with narrow 30mm frames or choose the SVG83 with slender 83mm interlocks for a truly high performance sliding door system.

Effortless operation: With highly engineered stainless steel running carriages that make light work of even the largest panel sizes, the days of heavy to operate ‘patio-doors’ of the past are a distant memory.

Security as standard: With a continuous 5-point lock on the lead door and PAS 24:2016 and Secured by Design™ standard security hardware included on all doors, SUNFLEX UK's sliding doors provide advanced security as standard.

Style and performance: Like every SUNFLEX product, their range of sliding doors are made not just to look good, but to provide effortless usability day-after-day and year-after-year.

Severe weather rating: Designed to provide advanced protection from wind and rain, SUNFLEX UK's sliding doors are independently tested to severe weather rating performance, making them ideal for even the most exposed locations.

Slim from any angle: With no requirement for ugly and bulky reinforcing to strengthen the frame, SUNFLEX UK's sliding doors have narrow frame depths of just 59mm, ensuring they appear slim whichever angle they are viewed at - not just from straight on.


  • Sightlines: SVG20: 20mm                    SVG30: 30mm         SVG83: 83mm
  • Frame depths: SVG20:59mm              SVG30: 59mm          SVG83: 51mm
  • U-Value Double Glazed: SVG20,SVG30 & SVG83: From 1.2 W/m²k †
  • Maximum panel width: SVG20,SVG30 & SVG83 : From 800mm to 3000mm
  • Maximum panel height: SVG20: Up to 2800mm depending on glass specification 
  • Maximum panel height: SVG30 & SVG83: Up to 3000mm depending on glass specification
  • Secured by Design™: SVG20,SVG30 & SVG83: Yes
  • Water tightness: SVG20,SVG30 & SVG83 : To 300Pa (Class 7a)*
  • Air permeability: SVG20,SVG30 & SVG83 : To 600Pa (Class 3)*
  • Wind load: SVG20 & SVG30: To 1,700Pa (Class C4)* To 1,700Pa (Class C4)*
  • Flush stacking: SVG20,SVG30 & SVG83: Standard
  • Track options: SVG20,SVG30 & SVG83: 2 – Double or triple tracks (As pictured above)
  • Cover plates: SVG20 & SVG30: Fitted as standard       SVG83: Optional
  • Pocket sliding option: SVG20,SVG30 & SVG83: Yes
  • Moveable corner post option: SVG20,SVG30 & SVG83: Yes
  • Lift and slide option: SVG20,SVG30 & SVG83: Yes

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