Why use timber – Hardwood, Softwood and Oak options

Date: 3rd September 2021
Author: Jack Devaney
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Sustainability is at the very heart of what we do; we offer certified European Redwood for our windows and doors. Redwood is a strong, knot-free stable timber with proven longevity in the United Kingdom. European Redwood is the timber used by British joiners of yesteryear – most 100-year-old British joinery was originally made using this timber.

All of our Redwood derives from sustainably managed plantations in Northern Europe, which means that when trees are felled, new ones are always planted to replace those harvested.

In fact, European forest areas are now expanding by around 5000 sq. km each year. These forests are also healthier for the environment, removing Co2 from the atmosphere and storing it in their trunks.

We are also able to offer options of Meranti Hardwood and European Oak from sustainable sources.

Meranti is a strong, durable hardwood timber with a distinct grain, clearly visible even when finished in our flawless spray-applied microporous coatings.

Oak is a hardwood that requires little introduction; associated with tradition and toughness, its paler shade tends means that a stain finish is a popular choice, although of course a painted finish is also available, with the strong grain and pattern visible no matter the coating.

Wooden windows and doors have a warmth, beauty and elegance that simply cannot be replicated with man-made materials.

Traditional wood is both beautiful and tactile. For many centuries it has been the material of choice for windows and doors throughout Britain and Europe. But traditional wood has innate problems – a natural tendency to expand and contract, and when wet, to warp in the direction of the grain resulting in windows and doors that twist and stick, causing frustration for homeowners.

Engineered, or multilayer timber, is an innovative solution that counteracts these issues. It is created by layering wood sections, with the grain of one section of wood layered in the opposing direction to the grain of its neighbour.

When wood gets wet, it has a tendency to warp in the direction of the grain, layering the wood in this way ensures that any movement caused by the absorption of moisture is evened out. So, engineered timber is stronger, longer lasting and resistant to the issues that affect traditional wood.

Windows and doors made with engineered timber retain their strength and structure, ensuring that they remain a perfect fit, just as they did on the day they were installed.

Engineered timber is also far easier to work with. It can be used to meet the design specifications of complex windows and doors much more efficiently than solid wood, yet retaining all of its natural appeal.

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