Listed Sash Window - Frequently Asked Questions

Date: 6th March 2018
Author: Jack Devaney
Categories: Timber, Windows, Sash Windows, Listed Sash Windows, Horndean, Winchester


Which Sizes are different between the Conservation Sash Window and the Listed Sash Window?

The Conservation Sash Window has a 160mm depth, 110mm frame and 64mm jamb. The Listed Sash Window has a 140mm depth, 95mm frame and 44mm jambs. Section drawings are available to download.

Is the ovolo profile the same as the standard Timber Windows product?

As the product comes from a different factory, the ovolo profile varies as compared to the standard TW product.

Is it possible to have the Listed Sash Window arched?

Yes, this will need to be quoted as a special for pricing, please provide as much information about the arch as you can in order to correctly quote this for you.

Is it possible to have a trickle vent in the Listed Sash Window?

No, it is not possible to have a trickle vent in this product.

Can I fit my own hardware to the Listed Sash Window?

We would advise against using hardware other than the options provided due to the small gap between the meeting rail.

Do the Conservation Sash and Listed Sash Window have the same limit stop?

The limit stop varies slightly between the products; the Conservation Sash uses a key operated limit stop, whereas the Listed Sash uses a barrel type, like our standard product.

What is the warranty on the glass for the Listed Sash Window?

There is no warranty on the glass for the Listed Sash Window as it is a single glass pane and not a double glazed unit.

Is it possible to have a window board?

Window boards are not available with this product, however it is possible to have a 10x10 window board groove, which can be selected on the system and you can order additional paint. You will then be able to finish your pre-sourced item with the same paint.

What should I do if I need trims for installation?

There are no trims available with the Conservation Sash Window, therefore we advise to order additional paint with the Conservation Windows and source the trims require from elsewhere. You will then be able to finish your pre-sourced item with the same paint.

Does the Listed Sash Window comply with current building regulations?

Please not this product will not comply with current building regulations and would be suitable for listed properties or conservation areas with approval from the local planning office.

How should I check if a Listed Sash Window is fire compliant?

Please send the query over to the processing team who will be able to check this for you.

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