Making the decision to have double glazing fitted is often a simple decision, but with so many options out there for you to choose between, deciding exactly what you want is a much more difficult task. To make things simple we specialise in making the very best products with the latest eco-friendly technology that is guaranteed to keep the warmth in and the cold out.

Glass can account for more heat gain or heat loss in your home than any other element that makes up the building envelope.  For example, in the summer months heat gain through an unshaded window can be 100 times greater than through the same area of an insulated wall, and in winter the heat loss through a glass window can be ten times more than the same area of the insulated wall.  Therefore, glazing is a key element of your building’s design, because it provides light, ventilation, security and noise control.

Remember you can still have large areas of glazing to enhance the look and style of your home, let in the light, provide the views and let the outside inside by selecting the right type of glass window and door systems.  All the double glazing that is offered has a high level U-Value, which helps to retain the heat in your property.

The different types of glazing can be confusing, which is why we are trained in explaining exactly what the benefits of each option are and why they might suit you best. By the time you have chosen your windows and doors, there will be no doubt in your mind exactly what you’re ordering and why.

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