Mr & Mrs Heslin

Date: 23rd June 2021
Categories: Timber, Doors, Entrance Door, Horndean

"We absolutely love the new door, it makes me smile every time I come home. It is so well made and the colours from the glazing look beautiful both inside and out. So worth all the time we spent deliberating over door styles, glazing and colour options. We must have driven the guys at the showroom mad! And no more drafts is a bonus! Thank you!"

Mr & Mrs Heslin

Our old front door was very tired and in need of replacement. It also was not at all in keeping with our victorian house. We have been trying to sympathetically renovate the house over the years and have been holding out replacing the door until the last of the building work was done. We couldn't wait to see the back of our 80's entrance!

We chose Timber Windows as we wanted the best of both worlds, I was very keen to have a traditional wooden door with stained glass, and my husband wanted the security features that come with the doors, as well as having a door that would be draft-free!

We spent a lot of time looking at the original stained glass in our neighbourhood. And didn't feel the standard glazing options offered us something that could compare. When choosing the glazing I particularly looked at our neighbours house, as records show the original owner of that house not only built their own house but ours as well. I loved the floral almost geometric pattern with the bold mix of background colours, so researched the Internet for a similar design that could work in our door.

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