Mr & Mrs Tulser

Date: 19th June 2024
Categories: Timber, Doors, Entrance Door, Winchester

"Timber Windows Southern were excellent, everyone was very helpful! We have had a lot of compliments from friends and family. The new door is safe, simple to lock and is a good design."

Mr & Mrs Tulser

Mr & Mrs Tulser's property is located on the periphery of Winchester, the customers wanted a new entrance door that matched their house. The house is a 1930's style and they selected a 'Belbroughton' entrance door as that worked for their house. 

The customers opted for coloured glass in the new door with kathedral backing glass and kathedral glass in the sidelights. The colour glass features shades of red and orange. The door and sidelights are finished in white (RAL 9003) internally and externally.

Using engineered timber keeps the beautiful and tactile qualities of traditional wood but avoids the innate expansion and contraction issues that can occur from using solid wood.  Engineered (multi-layered) timber is created by layering wood sections, with the grain of one section being layered in the opposing direction to the grain of its neighbour.  Cleverly layering in this manner ensures any movement caused by absorption of moisture is evened out.

This leads to stronger, longer lasting windows and doors. Making sure they stay a perfect fit-just as the day they were installed.

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