Patio doors

Bring the garden closer to home and use it like another room. With easy access in the summer and a wonderful view in the winter, a patio back door adds so much to your property all year round.

We are proud to offer the widest range of patio door options available anywhere. Our comprehensive range includes low thresholds ensuring easy access for toddlers or wheelchair users, high security locking systems to keep you safe, a wide range of colours in timber, aluminium and PVC-u.

Patio doors are often overlooked in comparison to bi-fold doors but because they slide within their own frame area and do not protrude into a room or onto a balcony or patio, they are often still the most space efficient option for many homes.

Their weathering performance is excellent and patio doors can be supplied with a much bigger glass area than a bi-fold.

In general, we would advise that if you have a great view and a wide enough opening then a patio door is a great option. If you are space restricted then maybe go for a bi-fold but of course the choice is yours.



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