PVC-U Sash Window Features

Our iconic sliding sash windows are manufactured using PVCu profiles designed to truly emulate traditional heritage frames. From a terraced house to a stately home, our vertical sliding sash windows ensure that your property retains its character and charm. You can choose from a wide range of styles, features and hardware options to complement your home.

  • Slide & Tilt Facility: As standard, our sliding sash window comes with a slide and tilt facility*, allowing you to clean both the top and bottom sash from inside your home.

  • Seamless Corner Welds: We are proud to offer a seamless welded sash window. This revolutionary process now disguises the external 45-degree corner welds with a flush mitre providing a far superior aesthetic finish.
  • Sash Horns: Enhance your window by choosing either run-through or plant-on sash horns. The run-through utilises mechanical joints rather than welded to allow the horn to be a continuous part of the sash giving the window a more authentic overall look. The plant-on is a sculptured moulding that is fixed to the underside of the top sash.
  • Deep Bottom Rail: Choose a deep bottom rail if you you want your sliding sash windows to look as close to the original timber version as possible. The larger bottom rail sash convincingly mimics the timber sash windows of old. The deep bottom rail is available with welded or mechanical joints.
  • Trickle Vents: Although, a well-insulated home is important, a well-ventilated home is equally as important. Trickle vents provide background ventilation and are generally mandatory under Building Regulations. An internal flap enables the vent to be opened and closed as required.

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