Box Sash Windows

Glorious to behold, easy to slide and constructed to deliver the highest standards of insulation, security and longevity, our sash windows are available with traditional chains, cords or a hidden spring mechanism.

Our box sash windows have been designed to ensure that frames, meeting rails and glazing bars replicate the traditional form as closely as possible. Using very modern materials and methods, the modern timber box sash windows are close in appearance to the originals, but in retrospect completely different with regards to security and thermal properties.

The design of our vertical sliding sash window is the product of an extensive collaboration between our technicians and consultant architect to ensure that our box sash reproduces, as faithfully as possible, the simple grace of English box sash windows.  These progressively developed from early use by Christopher Wren throughout their peak of elegance in the late Georgian period and in common usage by the Victorians and Edwardians.

With the adoption of engineered timber in British windows and chains in place of cords, they now provide the strength required to hold the double glazing. Triple or quadruple draught strips stop rattles, and the extremely high insulation glazing units minimise heat loss and reduce draughts.  Multi-layered timber and very careful attention to detail minimises the swelling and warping that causes jamming on windows of lower quality during wet weather.

Timber box sash

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